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Safety & Environment

Equipment Specifications:

Compliance: Surveyed and approved by the Department of Transport,
Marine Safety for Class 2E (Sheltered Waters
Non-Passenger Vessel for use in Smooth Waters only)
Approved by the Department of Minerals and Energy in
accordance with the Mines Regulation Act 1946
Pump capacity: flows to 1000m 3 per hour
Total deadhead: up to 100 metres
Material density: up to 70% solid
Transfer distance: 1.6kms @ 40% density or boosted up to 5kms
Dredging depth: Standard to 7 metres; with alterations up to 20 metres
Minimum dam size: 25 x 25 metres
Maximum dam size: no limit
Discharge line pipe size: 6" (150mm) 8" (200mm) 10" (250mm)
12" (300mm) 14" (350mm)
Discharge line pipe type: HDPE / Rubber / Steel
Cutter head types: Horizontal auger to rose head/cone cutter or bucket wheel
Dredge operation via: parallel wire
tri-winch system
spuds plus port and starboard winch system

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