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1. Remove

Mini Dredging specialise in the removal of slimes, sands and concentrates from dams as small as 25 x 25 metres. Our custom-built dredges are capable of removing a variety of solids from tailings dams, without damage to any plastic lining, to increase dam capacity to levels you never thought possible. Our process returns the capacity of your dam with a perfectly flat bottom - no lumps, no bumps. It's accurate and effective.

2. Recover

Our dredges pump an incredibly high material density consistent enough for you to be able to inject directly into your ball mills or thickeners in order to recover previously discarded material. These days, recovery is an even more important part of the mining process and Mini Dredging have the experience and know-how to help you achieve the best possible results.

3. Reprocess

Concentrates and other materials can be dewatered - ideal for reprocessing.
The consistent feed and density achieved by our dredges allows the dewatering tower to produce an ongoing “rope” of solid material which is much easier to handle.


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