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Mini Dredging Pty. Ltd. commenced operation in 1994. Since inception we have undertaken, and successfully completed, numerous dredging projects nation wide.


We have a core number of very experienced personnel, with a combined total of around 45 years in the dredging business. Our personnel take particular pride in their approach to on-site safety. Completion of any dredging project is undertaken within the allotted time schedule in a neat, safe and professional manner. As a result of dredging on so many mine sites for clients such as Western Mining, Annaconda, BHP, Argyle and Alcoa to name a few, our personnel are constantly undergoing safety inductions, and are exposed to a wide variety of the latest up-to-date worksafe practices throughout the mining industry.
We are proud to report that we have never had any withdrawal of accommodation, incident reports or complaints involving any of our personnel, who are eager to comply with our high standard of expectation.

Dredging in Acid
containment ponds

In May 2003 we successfully completed dredging in an Acid containment pond and a water storage pond at Murrin Murrin for Annaconda. The containment pond had approximately 25,000 cm of concentrates to dredge and was highly acidic, with PH levels of 0.4 – 2.5. However, provided we are advised of these levels at the time of quoting we are capable of dredging in levels down to PH zero ( 0 ).
Current projects include dredging of the No.1 Tailings Dams at Groote Eylandt N.T. (commenced 13-5-2003) and also dredging of a large dam at Olympic Dam S.A, scheduled for commencement December 2003, and is a 12 month Project.

Client satisfaction

Many of Mini Dredging's projects are ongoing, and the repetitiveness of many is a clear indication of the Clients' satisfaction with the works we have completed.

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